What is a family film?

There is no posing, no looking and smiling at the camera, no stress. Just playing in the yard, going for a walk, reading books in bed... or the other tiny, wonderful moments in your day that make your life so special. I will spend an hour or two with your family, recording the moments that you hold most dear. I turn those clips into a family film, set to music, for you to cherish for eternity.. You will love re-living these beautiful moments in a keepsake that is unique to only your precious family.

I know the feeling of rocking my babies to sleep, the excitement of a blanket fort in the living room or the joy of decorating cookies. What would it mean to you to capture their laughter and smiles in a time capsule? How much would you love to watch your baby toddle across the floor or splash in the bathtub 10 years down the road? A family film saves today so you can visit it again tomorrow.

The Denney Family


The Churchill family

Cape Cod

A family vacation